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December 20, 2011

APRAIS Seeks Passage of Long Sought Legislation on Restraint & Seclusion

The Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions and Seclusion, known as APRAIS, applauds the long-awaited introduction of the Keeping All Students Safe Act (S. 2020) by U.S. Senator Harkin (D-Iowa). If passed, the legislation will provide federal protections for students by prohibiting abusive seclusion and restraint use in schools. Reps. George Miller (D-Calif.) and Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) introduced a similar bill in the House earlier this spring (H.R. 1381).

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December 13, 2011

International Issues Committee Newsletter

The following is a newsletter from the TASH International Issues Committee. If you’d like additional information about the TASH International Issues Committee or contributing an article to this newsletter, please send an e-mail to Julia White at

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Inclusion in Our Schools: Why?

Inclusion means that students are in one class where each participates and comes together to make up the whole. Thus, the argument is not whether we should have special needs students in our classes but rather that we must have them present because they are an integral component of a class. Simply stated, they are needed to make the whole.

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Korean Parents’ Accounts of Behavioral Intervention Services

Every year, increasing numbers of children in Korea are diagnosed as having autism spectrum disorder. With more children diagnosed with autism, there are more demands for behavioral therapy. I had opportunities to interview several Korean parents who have children with autism and received behavioral intervention services. Interestingly, it seems that Korean parents did not like some of the behavioral intervention strategies.

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Educating the Policymakers: The Need for Implementing Inclusion in the International Community

Inclusion is a buzz word that is visible in most educational documents in the international community. Many countries around the globe have adopted inclusive systems of education with the primary aim of educating all its citizens in regular classrooms. However, ten years after the World Education Forum adopted the Dakar Framework for Action, “Education for all,” there are still more than 113 million children in the world who have no access to primary education, and 880 million adults are illiterate.

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Autism Training in China

The Five Project, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is committed to strengthening the capacity of families and educational programs in China to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, with a focus on developmental disabilities such as autism. The author began volunteering with children with autism in China in 1992, and after many years of seeing the increasing needs of families and professionals, she co-founded The Five Project, Inc. (FIVE) with her sister, Karen McCabe, in 2006.

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December 12, 2011

A Special Educator’s Reflections from TASH 2011

Special educator Timothy Villegas leaves us with his thoughts on attending the TASH Conference, reaffirming his beliefs on inclusion in schools and efforts behind a Georgia TASH chapter.

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December 6, 2011

Diversity and Cultural Competency at the TASH Conference

TASH can exult in the many expressions of diversity at the TASH Annual Conference in Atlanta. Families and individuals from diverse ethnic, socio-economic, ability, academic, and professional milieu were able to share the “TASH experience.” It’s that rich gumbo mix of networking and learning; intimate exchanges with new friends regarding family challenges, milestones and triumphs; exposure to researchers, government policy-makers and academic leaders in the disability field; energizing keynoters; tackling complex and persistent issues (access to services, technology, funding and information); and a stimulating menu of sessions and interest group meetings.

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TASH Conference takes aim at Restraint and Seclusion

The 2011 TASH No Excuses Conference was an experience to remember, a week of advocacy synergy that forged new alliances and took us to a new level – especially in our strategies for keeping school children safe from the use of restraint and seclusion!

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Bob_Williams_Ticket to Work

Williams Praises Employment Choices for People with Disabilities at 2011 TASH Conference

As a former TASH Board member and officer, Bob Williams knows that TASH has always been a strong ally of children, adults, and older Americans with the most significant disabilities through the very best and worst of times. Born with cerebral palsy, Williams has had a long, public service career and is a recognized expert on issues affecting the health, independence, employment, and economic well-being of people with disabilities.

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