Teachers caught on tape bullying student with disability (video)

The following is a disturbing account of abuse from an Ohio school. As reported on the Today Show on NBC, Cheyanne, a 14-year-old student with a disability, told her father she was being bullied at school. Her father was shocked to learn it was Cheyanne’s teachers doing the bullying. After notifying school administrators and being turned away, Cheyanne was outfitted with a hidden tape recorder in class. Over a four-day period the abusive remarks made by two middle school teachers were recorded. The contents of those tapes are alarming. We’ve embedded a video below, but you can also view it here on the Today Show website.

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  1. Jay says

    I’ve been searching for precedents where students with special needs are bullied by school administrators and found this website. I share a lot of their experiences. In fact, I see very little hope even with all the media coverage on bullying et al because it’s been such an uphill battle and it’s been practically impossible to find any help, legal or from the media. I’d like to know how this family was able to reach the Today Show on NBC and if you have a specific name or two we can contact and tell our story and hopefully get some help. Yes, bullying continues to take place as we speak. Please help our children and give them some justice. We live in Queens, NY.

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