Mother upset teacher accused of putting son in box is back in classroom

Mother upset that teacher accused of putting son in box is back in classroomWSOC TV (Caldwell County, N.C.)

Joy Amatuccios’ 14-year-old son, who has severe disabilities and uses a wheelchair, was placed inside a cardboard box during class at Hudson Middle School in North Carolina. She didn’t find out until another parent showed her a photo several weeks later. The teacher, who was suspended by the school district for 13 days, has now been transferred to West Caldwell High School. But Amatuccios and other parents have started a petition online to have the teacher removed from the school district.

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  1. Jane Brooks says

    Our kids are victimized every day in schools that segregate them in rooms that have paper taped on the windows of the doors to “protect their rights”. Or to prevent us from seeing the abuse and lack of education going on in the “special” education rooms. Why would it supprise us a teacher suspended for putting a child in a box would return to serve children again. they can kill our children too and return to teach

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