Board of Directors

PresidentA color portrait of Jennifer Lengyel. She is smiling with pursed lips. She has straight, shoulder-length brown hair, a red shirt with a white undershirt, and a thin golden necklace.The background has large slanted windows with bright light streaming in.Jenny Lengyel
Community Living Chair
Vice PresidentJean Gonsier-Gerdin
Chapter Leadership Co-Chair


Treasurer A portrait of Brian Dion Brian Dion
Secretary A portrait of David Taylor David Taylor
Self-Advocacy Committee Co-Chair


Aaron Bishop photo Aaron Bishop
Grade Frances photo Grace Francis


A colorful photograph of Denise Gould. She has bright orange hair, a purple shirt and a multicolored blue and orange wrap around her shoulders. Denise Gould
A photograph of Natalie Holdren. She is a woman of Pacific Island descent. She has long black hair parted and over one shoulder. She is standing in front of a colorful hedge. Natalie Holdren


Michael Kendrick Photo Michael Kendrick
Jenny Kurth
Executive Committee Co-Chair
Research & Publications Committee Chair


Photograph of Christopher Lenart. He has dark hair, rectangular glasses, is pursing his lips and is wearing a white shirt and tie. Somewhat cropped out of the photograph are some people standing behind him. Christopher Lenart
Executive Committee Co-Chair
Darrell Mattingly
Chapter Leadership Co-Chair


Matthew Medina Photo Matthew Medina
A portrait of LaQuita Montgomery. She is an African American woman. The photograph is close-in and she is tilting her head to one side. Her hair fills most of the frame. She has glasses and is smiling broadly. LaQuita Montgomery


Photograph of Andrea Ruppar. She is quarter profile with a navy blue Nehru shirt. The background is wide stripes of shades of beige. Andrea Ruppar
A photograph of Deborah Taub. She has shoulder-length brown hair and a headband. She is smiling. There is a yellow lizard on her shoulder. Deborah Taub