TASH Resolution on Paraeducator Employment, Roles, Preparation and Supervision

Adopted March 2000

Statement of Purpose

To ensure vital and appropriate educational outcomes for all student learners, paraeducators must be active and effective participants in the educational process.


Paraeducators are key members of educational teams that influence learning, social/emotional development, and the inclusion of students with disabilities in general education and community settings. Paraeducators are employed to assist credentialed/licensed professionals with a variety of educational functions and tasks. To ensure targeted outcomes for all student learners, credentialed professionals must effectively plan for, direct and supervise paraeducators. States/provinces, local districts, institutions of higher education, professional organizations and unions must work together to develop standards and guidelines that address this resolution.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, THAT TASH, an international advocacy association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates and people who work in the disability field believes that paraeductors:

  • Should be treated as valued team members, have an occupational/professional identity, should be effectively integrated into student educational (or other) support teams and should be acknowledged as important members in assisting the school/agency in achieving its mission;
  • Should have clear roles and operate with other team members in changing, dynamic environments to provide seamless learner-centered experiences to all individuals;
  • Should be afforded opportunities for quality professional development including: preservice, inservice and on-the-job training leading to career advancement, as well as salaries and benefits that are commensuate with their role and experience;
  • Should be supervised, supported, and evaluated by skilled administrators/ teachers/providers using structured management strategies.