TASH Resolution on Related Services

Adopted November 1986
Revised March 1999

Statement of Purpose

Related services personnel, such as occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and counselors, have potentially important contributions to make in the process of individuals with disabilities becoming fully-included members of society.


Effective service provision requires that related services personnel:

  • Establish positive and respectful relationships with the person who has disabilities and with individuals who are significant in his/her life, working in a person-centered or family-centered manner such that self-determination is encouraged;
  • Determine appropriate services and supports based on an understanding of the desires and needs of the person, and on assessment of participation in everyday activities and routines;
  • Adhere to the guideline of “only as specialized as necessary” when determining needs for services, so redundant, unnecessary, and unwanted services and supports are not provided;
  • Collaborate with others who facilitate inclusive education and living for the person with disabilities to determine supports, adaptations, and interventions that optimize meaningful participation in typical home, school, and community life, both immediately and in the future;
  • Provide individualized services in real life settings and teach others to provide specific and individualized support and intervention strategies to enhance participation in everyday activities and routines; and
  • Evaluate effectiveness of services and supports through feedback from the person with disabilities and significant individuals in his/her life, and through outcomes in real life settings.