TASH Resolution on Unnecessary and Dehumanizing Medical Treatments

Statement of purpose

The purpose of this resolution is to re-affirm TASH’s long-standing positions:

  • Of support for families that enable them to care for their child in natural environments (Resolution on Infant Care);
  • In opposition to the use of treatments that are dehumanizing (Resolution Opposing the Use of Aversive and Restrictive Procedures);
  • In opposition to treatments that are designed to modify behaviors which are inconvenient to caregivers (Resolution Opposing the Use of Aversive and Restrictive Procedures); and
  • To articulate TASH’s position on the provision of unnecessary medical treatments.


There has been a long history of discriminatory medical treatment of individuals with disabilities that have included the withholding of treatment (e.g. cessation of nutrition and hydration) and the provision of unnecessary medical treatment (e.g. involuntary sterilization and excessive medication to ease care of patient behavior). Recent focus has been on the use of medical treatment designed to attenuate the growth of individuals with profound developmental disabilities. The treatment has included hormone treatments along with invasive surgery (hysterectomy) and is recommended to make care of the individual easier for the care-providers.

This is in direct conflict with TASH values as articulated in TASH’s mission statement and previous Resolutions.


Therefore be it resolved that TASH, an international advocacy association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates and people who work in the disability field, affirms the right of all persons with disabilities to freedom from being provided with medical treatments that are not necessary for their health, but rather designed for the convenience of the care-providers.

Be it further resolved that increased effort be put forth in providing support to families and other care-providers that would eliminate the need for consideration of this inhumane practice.