Action Alert From TASH’s Self-Advocacy Committee

Dear Self-Advocates & Family Members,

We need you to take action right now! Our representatives and senators are hearing from Voice of the Retarded (VOR) and other parent groups that believe we should live in institutions and that the community is not a safe place for us to live. We need to tell them that the community is not bad and there are safe places. We need to tell them that there are many people with disabilities living in the community that are safe and happy, and have the support they need. So please ask your groups to do the following:

  • Call your legislators and tell them about how you live in the community and how you are happy.
  • Ask your members and other people with disabilities to write and share their story.
  • Go visit your legislators and tell them how important community is to you and how happy you are, along with many other people with disabilities that are happy in the community.
  • Share this alert with others and ask them to do the same.

Please email your letters to Tia Nelis, TASH’s Director of Policy & Advocacy, at

TASH’s Self-Advocacy Committee