Becoming a Member of the TASH Board of Directors

TASH’s Mission and History

For more than 35 years TASH has supported equity, opportunity, and inclusion for people with disabilities. It has served as a source of information and support for professionals, parents and families, and individuals with disabilities who advocate on their own behalf.

TASH is a small organization that delivers an over-sized punch in influencing legislation and policy at the federal and state level. We are a values based organization with a principled stand on human rights and full participation in every aspect of life for ALL people, no matter the extent of their support needs. We focus on practices which meet the needs of all people, particularly those with the most significant and complicated support needs. TASH promotes policies and practices that reflect a cross-section of perspectives, ensuring the likelihood they will work.

TASH’s added value for all members and partners is connection to experts in education, employment and community living who share the same values.  TASH members work closely together to debate issues, learn, identify research needs and share innovations.  TASH is a dynamic incubator of new ways of being, where members and partners draw inspiration from people who have successfully lived with disability who are eager to share their stories.

The track record of TASH is one filled with breakthroughs that have improved the lives of countless children and young adults, those who would have otherwise been institutionalized, segregated and excluded from typical life experiences. We have been champions of a number of life-changing practices, including positive behavior supports customized employment, personalized supports for life in the community, and inclusive education practices.

Board Service

Serving on the Board of Directors of TASH is a great honor that carries two important responsibilities with it: actively supporting the values upon which the organization was built and actively participating in maintaining a fiscally sound organization. Because we are a not-for-profit, 501 (c)(3) corporation, our board members are responsible for achieving our mission and values by:

  • Enhancing TASH’s public standing
  • Reflecting TASH values in their Board service
  • Ensuring adequate resources to act on TASH’s mission in two ways: 1) Committing to an annual financial donation. The final decision for an annual contribution is a personal one for each board member based on their own comfort level and individual circumstance. TASH suggests considering 1% of one’s gross annual income as a target.  2) Participating in fund development efforts throughout their board tenure
  • Determining, monitoring, and strengthening TASH’s programs and services
  • Ensuring effective organizational planning
  • Managing resources effectively
  • Ensuring ethical and legal integrity and accountability
  • Committing to travel to two board meetings per year at their own expense


TASH seeks to achieve a balance in the composition of experiences and skills of the Board by encouraging nominations of people who are self-advocates, family members, educators, researchers, community support providers, related service therapists, people of color, or combinations thereof.  Most of all, we encourage nominations of people passionate about our mission. Those with experience and skills in fund development, general law (such as contracts, intellectual property and non-profit law), marketing, publishing, media relations and legislative advocacy are also encouraged to apply.  This list is neither exclusionary nor exhaustive.  It is a call to the membership to offer your talents and resources to the organization.

Nominations must be submitted by Monday, July 1.  To view and complete the application form, CLICK HERE.