Beyond Expectations: Building Inclusive Futures Beyond High School Based On Talents, Gifts and Capacity

Workshop Description:
Mother Lynne and daughter Michelle will team up to share their family journey together from childhood to high school to life after high school. They will present some of the road blocks and breakthroughs they encountered along the way, and the important aspects of transitions along the life span of individuals with disabilities. They will also discuss guardianship issues, employment concerns and daily living supports.

Michelle will share in her own words her feelings about segregated classes and settings. Lynne will describe family problem solving processes at the various transition stages.

The workshop will be informal with time for participants’ questions and comments.

Five Workshop Objectives:

At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to:
1) Identify life span transition phases.
2) Identify strategies to create supports for transition that are individualized, even if there are not many available.
3) Discuss issues related to guardianship and independence.
4) Describe issues related to supported competitive employment.
5) Describe transition policy that is effective and individualized.