Beyond Job Placement: Doing a Good Job of Getting a Good Job

Workshop Description:
We work in a field where there’s much more known than is typically practiced. So the good news for most of us is this: There are progressive contemporary principles and approaches we can start using today — significantly increasing the likelihood that students will have access to fitting, challenging, quality jobs. The bad news is that we as a field are all too often stuck in our historical ways of doing things, sometimes even mired in the 80s, using floppy disks instead of the Internet. Not a very interesting place for students, professionals, or business people! This session will explore principles and practices that can expand engagement and understanding about work transition for students, family members, business people and other citizens. We’ll peel back the layers of work transition to examine issues and assumptions engrained in discovery, choice, job development, internships, and job supports.

Three Workshop Objectives:
1) Will be able to identify topics for further study related to discovery, the 7 phase sequence, SRV theory, or systematic instruction.
2) Will describe characteristics of high quality work transition jobs.
3) Will describe characteristics of work transition jobs to avoid, or at least to approach with suitable caution.