Breaking Down the Barriers for Inclusion in Faith Communities

Inclusion begins with identifying and removing the barriers that exist within a faith community. During this presentation, we will discuss four main ways in which individuals with disabilities are not able to fully access a community – architectural, communication, systemic, and attitudinal barriers. An example needs assessment from a congregation will be examined for each of these four areas and practical strategies will be addressed. Becoming a truly inclusive and welcoming community involves taking the first step and this presentation will give you tools to start the process of reflection and change in your congregation!

Congregation leaders, congregants, disability ministry leaders, individuals with and families of those with disabilities.

By the end of the presentation, audience members will be able to:

1. Identify four common barriers to full participation that exist within faith communities.
2. Begin the process of reflection and assessment of their own church accessibility in terms of the four barriers.
3. Use and implement the strategies discussed towards full inclusion of all people.