The Business Impact of Authentic Person-Centered Planning

Fall 2009, volume 35, number 4, Connections cover

The Business Impact of Authentic Person-Centered Planning

This is the last installment of TASH Training’s seven-part Fall 2014 series, Values-Based Leadership in Supported Living: Stepping Up to the Promise and the Spirit of the Home and Community Based Waiver


4:00-5:00 PM Eastern, Tuesday, 18 November 2014

About this presentation

Pat Fratangelo will explain in layman’s terms what the HCBS Waiver is all about and its impact to the people whose lives we support and the agencies that support them. She will also talk about how the meaning is often misconstrued. Michael Kendrick will then pick up and speak about programmatic designs that can change and be incorporated to come into the spirit of what people with disabilities ask in keeping with the tenant of the HCBS Waiver. You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the upcoming changes while feeling more mobilized to be creative in your work.

Learning Objectives

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • The presentation will teach the learner the goals of the HCBS waiver. The presentation will also challenge the learner to think beyond their current programs.
  • After the session the learner will be equipped with easy to understand terminology and will be better able to access the meaning of the settings requirements as it relates to the services they currently provide.
  • As the result of the presentation the learner will be able to recognize changes that needed to be made under their supervision.
Who should attend

This presentation will help agency directors, state officials, board member, families, agency administrators, brokers and coordinating staff.

About the presenters

Presenter Patricia Fratangelo, a woman with tight curly hair in a brown, collared jacket, in front of some knit artPatricia Fratangelo has been the Executive Director of Onondaga Community Living for 25 years. She brought the agency through a transition from group homes to personalized supports. Pat has two Governor’s appointments. One to the Office for People with Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council for the Commissioner of New York State, the other to the Most Integrated Setting Coordinating Council which is the New York state council that oversees the Olmstead transition. Pat has worked with governments, agencies, self advocates and families both nationally and internationally on issues related to organizational change and person directed services.

Presenter Michael Kendrick, a man with a close trimmed salt-and-pepper beard and glasses, wearing an open-collared  shirt, v-neck sweater and  black-and-white sport jacket, against a plain beige backgroundMichael Kendrick is an international consultant and has gained much notoriety and respect in his work on helping systems and organizations to modify their work when becoming more person focused. Michael travels extensively and has forged relationships with many governments, systems, families and self advocates in their quest for change. Michael has seen both success and lack of, as he has a broad knowledge of systems in multiple countries. Through this knowledge he will share with us the tenants of what will enable the HCBS waiver to thrive in our country.

How to attend

This is a live webinar that will be streamed over the web. The presentation will be about fifty minutes, followed by ten minutes for Q&A. Registered participants will receive an e-mail with instructions and the link to join the webinar on the day of the event. Members are $25; non-members are $40. The member discount will be credited at the time of checkout. Registration closes Monday, 3 November 2014, the day before the event. For more information, contact Donald Taylor at

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