Call for Nominations: Editor of Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities

The TASH Editorial Search Committee is beginning the search for the new Editor of Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (RPSD). The Editor serves a three-year term that will begin in January 2022. There is a planned overlap period of approximately 3 months with the current editor so that the new editor would take over independent responsibilities in March 2022.

Nominations or direct applications are invited from TASH members with the experience, expertise, and availability described below. Applications from traditionally under-represented groups including people with disabilities, women, and people representing racial or ethnic groups are particularly encouraged. The following criteria will be used in making the selection decision:

  1. Prior editorial experience: Previous experience as an Editor or Associate Editor of a scholarly journal in the field is preferred, especially RPSD. Experience in reviewing for refereed journals is required, particularly for manuscripts in the areas of severe intellectual or developmental disabilities. Experience with electronic review systems is desired.
  2. Record of authorship: Substantial publication record in the area of severe disabilities.
  3. Commitment to TASH’s mission and vision: Support of TASH values as described in resolutions and other association activities.
  4. Record of leadership: Demonstrated record of leadership in the area of severe disabilities.
  5. Commitment to excellence and scholarship: A commitment to uphold the scholarship, rigor, and reputation of the journal, while also providing leadership to move in new directions and innovative practices; and serve as an advocate for the journal and the publication mission of TASH.
  6. Research skills: Expertise in one or more research methods commonly used in the area of severe disability; for example, within-participant designs (single-case), qualitative methods, and/or quantitative methods including large-N descriptive or survey studies, experimental methods, and multivariate modeling.
  7. General organizational skills: Evidence of ability to meet important deadlines and organize major tasks.
  8. Resource availability: Ability to commit time and resources to (a) the production (e.g., prepare table of contents for issues, work with SAGE Publishing to finalize content for issues) and management (e.g., appoint and monitor editorial board, perform timely review of submitted material) of RPSD for a 3-year period, (b) attend the annual conference, (c) participate in the TASH Research and Publication Committee Meetings held once a month for approximately 1 hour, and (d) present an annual report at the TASH Conference.

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please send a cover letter of interest addressing the above criteria and a copy of your vita to Fred Spooner ( Further application materials will be requested from finalists. The search closes October 30, 2021. If you want to nominate someone for this position, please contact him or her and request this information.

The Search Committee will consider applications from an individual or a team of individuals (two qualified applicants working together as co-editors).