inclusive communication

Effective communication is a fundamental element of life. Relationships, choice, employment, and so much more are severely limited by an inability to communicate. Let’s make effective communication a reality for people with disabilities. Join TASH’s new campaign, Communication for All. The campaign was created to promote life-long communication for people with disabilities through awareness, professional development, access to communication technologies, instruction, and support. Join the campaign and help promote life-long communication for all!


the iepIS NOT A FORM

The IEP is not a form.” A quote made by Chief Justice John Roberts in the Supreme Court’s Endrew F. v. Douglas County Schools opinion, provides parents of children with disabilities some relief. On March 22, 2017, the Supreme Court sided with Endrew’s family with a unanimous (8-0) vote. The decision could have far-reaching implications for the 6.5 million students in America who have an IEP. Join TASH and the IDEA in protecting children with disabilities and their right to an education. TASH has created a campaign that contains resources about the IEP, including an issue of our member magazine Connections. We’ve also designed a t-shirt. Visit the campaign page to purchase a t-shirt.


inclusionlooks like

Imagine what the world would look like if EVERYONE truly belonged? This Is What Inclusion Looks Like is a campaign that was created for you to tell your story! This interactive campaign invites the TASH community to share their experiences of inclusion through stories, images, video, quotes, etc. Do you have a story to share? Learn how you can join the campaign below.


stopHurting Kids

Stop Hurting Kids ( is the national advocacy campaign to end restraint and seclusion abuse in schools. Stop Hurting Kids was created specifically to generate widespread public awareness and action to bring about change in our schools. Led by TASH and members of the APRAIS coalition, the campaign’s partners are united in their resolve to eliminate restraint and seclusion abuse in schools, and in bringing greater awareness to this issue through national advocacy.