Inclusive Education

Can Benevolence Get in the Way of Equality and Ordinary Opportunities?

Longtime TASH member Barb McKenzie reflects on programs in some Ohio schools to send students with disabilities to segregated settings to “practice the skills of daily life.” If the goal is to prepare students for experiences and opportunities in the real world, why can’t they practice these skills in the real world?… read more

DOE Visits “SAM” Schools, Calls for Integration and Higher Standards

On March 14, the Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Assistant Secretary Alexa Posny visited the Ann Beers Elementary School in Washington, D.C., one of many schools across the nation that has implemented the Schoolwide Applications Model (SAM). This model was pioneered by TASH co-founder Wayne Sailor, who explains the promise of SAM. … read more

The College Experience: An Interview with Micah Fialka-Feldman

Micah Fialka-Feldman is a nationally recognized advocate and speaker for inclusive education whose personal story is an inspiration for students with disabilities seeking education opportunities beyond high school. Micah attended college at Oakland University, where he had a much-publicized battle to live in the school’s dorm. In this interview, he discusses the challenges he faced,… read more

Inclusive Education: How Do You Know It If You See It?

Since inclusive education began in the mid-1980s people have asked “how do you know it if you see it?” Cheryl Jorgensen poses thought-provoking questions on inclusive education and provides a free resource for evaluating inclusive schools.… read more

TASH Supports Congressional Briefing on Transition

This briefing will include a series of presentations from several of the nation’s leading experts in transition policy about key recommendation recently introduced as a package of legislation known as the Transition towards Excellence in Achievement and Mobility (TEAM) Act. This trio of bill includes the TEAM-Education Act of 2011 (H.R. 602), the TEAM-Empowerment Act… read more

TASH and NDSS Partner with CPSD for Congressional Briefing on Education Reform

An inclusive education is one that fully integrates all students into a general education setting with access to peers, classrooms, teachers and the general curriculum. For children with significant disabilities, an inclusive education offers a chance for academic advancement, meaningful social relationships, employable skills and the tools and resources needed for successful life in the… read more

Show Your Support for Education Reform by Attending this Congressional Briefing

Thank you for the widespread participation in our recent call to action to urge your Representatives and Senators to attend this congressional briefing on education reform. We’re now encouraging all those who can make it to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to strongly consider attending this briefing. You’re presence will send a clear message to… read more

Advocacy Alert | Congressional Briefing on Education Reform

On February 23, TASH is holding a congressional briefing on education reform with the National Down Syndrome Society, in partnership with the Collaboration to Promote Self-Determination. We’re inviting all congressional leaders and staff to attend this discussion on creating inclusive school environments. You can help, by urging your Senators and Representatives to attend this important… read more

What’s Next for Special Education?

Disability Scoop’s ( Michelle Diament held an in-depth interview with Alexa Posny, the assistant secretary for special education and rehabilitative services with the Department of Education. Posny was asked what the near future holds for students with disabilities in regards to academic standards, restraint and seclusion, teacher training and inclusion. On restraint and seclusion: [Posny] “The… read more