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Starting a Chapter

If there’s not a chapter in my area, how do I start one?
What officers should my chapter have?

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Frequently Asked Questions — Answers

If there’s not a chapter in my area, how do I start one?

We would love for you to start a new chapter in your area! The basic steps to start a new chapter are as follows:

  1. As a chapter you should be in agreement to uphold the TASH mission and values. These can be found on the TASH website on our About Us page, which includes our mission and vision, and on our National Agenda and Resolutions page.

  2. Identify at least ten current, dues paying TASH members in your state, region or country.

    • TASH can supply membership lists to help you identify members.
  3. Identify five people to serve as the initial board or steering committee for one–two years until formal elections can be held. Identify a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and a fifth board member.

    • The board should be representative of the diversity of people working for the rights of people with disabilities: self advocates, parents, educators, researchers, policy makers, agency support personnel, etc.
  4. Create an action plan for your chapter and include a purpose statement. TASH or other Chapter leaders can provide templates to help you get started. The action plan should include activities of three types:

    • A change agenda (a change agenda can be at the level of legislation or policy changes, or more local, concerning agency administrators or service providers, school boards, or community education)
    • A membership goal — help bring our values to more people and strengthen our voice with policy makers
    • A Chapter social activity such as a “TASH night out”, a movie night, a picnic potluck or a teach-in.
  5. Complete the Application for Chapter Status form and submit it to the TASH office. A sample copy of the form is here. The TASH national board of directors will vote to authorize your chapter.

Once your chapter is approved by the Board, you are ready to go! We will match you with a mentor Chapter and begin supporting you from the TASH office.

What officers should my chapter have?