The Cal-TASH organization supports practices that promote our resolution that all people, regardless of their label or perceived level of disability, should have the supports they need to direct the course of their own lives, and to live and participate successfully in inclusive schools and communities.

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Chapter Leadership

Mary Ellen Sousa, President
Molly K. Rearick, Co-President
Zachary Miller, Vice President
Jodie Agnew-Navarro, Secretary
Kathy Peckham-Hardin, Treasurer
Scott Shepard, Co-Treasurer
Eileen Medina, Conference Coordinator

Jamie Crum
Karen Cull
Alison DeYoung
Joe Donofrio
Jean Gonsier-Gerdin, Current TASH Board Member
Natalie Holdren, Past President
Tayla Kemper
Elia Mahoney
Aja McKee
Matthew Medina, Current TASH Board Member
Caitlin Solone
Daniel Stickney
Tara Uliasz
Lisa Yamasaki

Jacki Anderson, Honorary
Kathleen Gee, Honorary
Amy Hanreddy, Honorary
Shirley Rodriguez, Honorary

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A photograph of a woman with short curly air, a big smile and deep laugh lines. She is wearing a brown vest with a dark collar over a blue, white and red flannel button-up shirt. In the background you can make out a river, some trees and an open spot covered with fallen leaves.Mary Ellen Sousa

A photograph of Molly Rearick. She is wearing a teal, sleeveless top. She is smiling largely with a chunky lock of hair brushed to one side. She is in a brightly lit, pale-colored room with large windows to her left.Molly K. Rearick