Colorado TASH

The Colorado TASH Chapter logo: the TASH Möbius strip icon in blue over blue scene of trees and mountains.

Our purpose is to expand the membership of TASH-CO Chapter throughout the state of Colorado to create educational, social, and legislative opportunities for residents with disabilities residing in Colorado.

Mission Statement

Together we will build a strong base in supporting individuals with disabilities, families, teachers, and other professionals within and outside the educational field. We will make advancements in the state of Colorado in supporting all individuals through existing resources, creating new resources, opportunities for research to be shared, opportunities for social events, and having a stronger voice in the laws supporting individuals with disabilities in the state of Colorado.

Colorado TASH on the Web and Social Media

the square blue Facebook icon

the square blue Facebook icon the violet to yellow gradient two circles inside a squircle, suggestive of a camera Instagram icon The LinkedIn icon: word in inscribed in white on a blue squircle. 

Chapter Leadership

Jorden Morales PhD, President
Morgan-Beverly Lutze, Vice President
Ashley Deal, Treasurer
Kesley Wales, Secretary
Julia Quiroga, Board Member

Contact TASH Colorado

You can contact Jorden Morales at the TASH Colorado chapter for more information via email at