The Pennsylvania TASH logo. The shape of the state in yellow with a blue border and the TASH logo and Möbius strip in white.
PennTASH (Pennsylvania TASH) believes in uncompromised inclusion, freedom of choice, and self-empowerment of people with significant disabilities who all deserve:

  • to be treated as equal citizens, with dignity and respect,
  • to draw from the same life options as other citizens, and
  • to receive services and supports needed to live and participate in the community.

In line with TASH’s National Agenda, we advocate for policies, laws, funding, and litigation that enable and engender people with disabilities to have:

  • access to homes of their own, neighborhood schools that provide quality inclusive education, welcoming neighborhoods and houses of worship, supported/integrated employment at a fair living wage, assistive technology, and full protection of civil and human rights;
  • access to social support networks, family ties, friendships, and peer relationships; and
  • access to conditions and circumstances defined as no less acceptable than those for people without disabilities.

We advocate through our outreach and education to the public and policymakers and through our alliances and partnerships with other organizations.

Ask us to present our Mini-symposium Series to your college, university, organization, club, or group showcasing Pennsylvania’s leading role in American and international disability history.

Join us and reap membership benefits! TASH members are a diverse group that includes people with disabilities, researchers, professionals, families, friends, students, and even organizations.

Chapter Leadership

Susan Tomasic: Co-chair
Colleen Tomko: Co-chair
Guy Caruso: Secretary
Brian Dion: Treasurer
Kathy Brill
Alan Holdsworth
Young-Gyoung Kim
Ann Marie Licata

Contact Penn TASH

Susan Tomasic

Colleen Tomko


Education Committee
Contact: Robin L. Cunconan-Lahr, Esq.

Community Living Committee
Contact: Kathy Brill