TASH Alabama

About TASH Alabama

The purpose of TASH Alabama is:

  1. To promote and facilitate supports and opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live, work, recreate and learn in the least restrictive of environments.
  2. To strengthen the voices of individuals with disabilities, their family members, friends and advocates for the right of individuals with disabilities to make their own life choices.
  3. To promote opportunity for conversations and connections among colleagues and fellow-citizens so that we can learn from and assist each other through the work of community building and change.
  4. To assist individuals with disabilities to assert their civil and human rights in the areas of education, training, support services and community living.
  5. To serve as curators and sharers of the stories of people with disabilities and their friends and family members to maintain a history of our collective experience.
  6. To communicate with policy makers and the community-at-large regarding issues of concern to people with disabilities and their families and advocates.
  7. To communicate with local Alabama TASH members as well as TASH on issues of local or regional concern.

TASH Alabama on Social Media

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Chapter Leadership


Veronica McGee, President
Meg Kellenberger, Vice president and Social Media Officer
Chris Adams, Treasurer
Susan Ellis, Secretary

Steering Committee

Nancy Anderson
Shannon Bridges
Josh Echols
Susan Ellis
Veronica McGee
Kagendo Mutua, Ph.D.

Contact TASH Alabama

You can contact the TASH Alabama chapter for more information via e-mail at alabamatash@gmail.com.