Comments on RPSD Issue on Facilitated Communication

We understand that there are questions in the community about TASH and its position on Facilitated Communication. The latest issue (vol. 39, no. 3) of TASH’s peer-reviewed journal, Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities (RPSD) was structured as an exchange on Facilitated Communication (FC). Publishing this issue of RPSD was a well-intentioned effort to re-open a dialogue, which was hoped to be useful and productive. There are a few things we’d like to clarify:

  • RPSD does not speak for the Board of TASH – it publishes the work of individual researchers
  • The TASH board has not changed its position on FC; in fact, the board does not have a position specific to FC at this time, and has a Resolution on the Right to Communicate. The board is neutral on FC, since there are very different views held by board members. This variety of views is reflective of the TASH membership as a whole.
  • The journal editor issued an open call for articles to the field of researchers and to TASH membership for this issue; the hope was to offer a balance of viewpoints on the issue. Although several individuals indicated an intent to send articles supporting FC, only one paper supportive of FC was submitted.

People who have read this issue of RPSD and would like to respond are invited to do so by following the editorial guidelines at

Barb Trader, Executive Director
Ralph Edwards, TASH Board President