Communication Access at the 2016 TASH Conference

Interested in communication access? Here are the top 3 reasons why you should attend the #2016TASHconfClick To TweetAt the 2016 TASH Conference, there will be a major focus on the right to communicate. Below are the top three reasons that anyone interested in communication should attend the upcoming conference in St. Louis!

Speech for All logo1) TASH will launch its new campaign, Speech for All. The campaign focuses on communication being a basic human right, and that it’s never too late to discover and secure an appropriate system. Colorful new t-shirts and stickers will be available to attendees to help kick-start this campaign!

2) TASH’s Communication Committee will host a National Call to Action. Data suggests that there remain individuals who do not yet have augmentative communication systems in place in 3rd grade and students who leave high school without communication systems. This TASH Talk will encourage attendees to take action and change this reality.

3) The TASH Conference will offer over 30 hours of sessions that focus on communication. View the workshops, sessions, poster presentations, and more here.

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