Congratulations to Our 2018 TASH Membership Poster Contest Winner!

In case you missed it! We’d like to congratulate our 2018 TASH Membership Poster Contest winner, Marji Dalgarn! The poster is available for download here! Please print it out, hang it up, and enjoy!

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About the Artist
Marjorie Dalgarn is a credential student at California State University, Northridge and is currently student teaching. She was introduced to TASH through her university and has been a member for the past two years. Attending TASH conferences has been life-changing, and she can’t help but bring back and share her experiences and what she learns with her classroom, school, community, and beyond. Like TASH, Marji has a vision for a world where everyone is included, valued, and provided with the opportunities and support to live their best lives.


“Thank you to TASH and its members for helping me to become a better teacher and stronger advocate for human rights and inclusion.” – Marji Dalgarn


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