Connecticut Data on “Scream Rooms” Show 18,334 Instances of Restraint/Seclusion during 2009-10 School Year

During the 2009-2010 school year, the Connecticut Department of Education collected data that showed 18,334 documented instances of restraint and seclusion in schools, including 8,511 incidents of restraint and 9,823 incidents of seclusion in so called “scream rooms.” With 563,869 students enrolled in Connecticut schools, that equates to one incident for every 30.7 students.

Although state law requires the recording of seclusion in schools, it does not compel the Department of Education to collect or act on such data. The data collection has sparked some changes in the state, as State Rep. Diana Urban (D-Stonington) said she intends to submit a bill to ban seclusion rooms in schools. The Department will also continue its collection and review of data for the current school year.

The complete article from the New Haven Register can be found here.