Deadline Approaches for TASH Conference Call for Proposals

Submissions Due May 6 May 31, 2011

Why present? Because TASH believes in the value of every individual, and the ability of each individual to contribute to the community. As part of our community, we want you to share your thoughts, work and insights with us. Consider submitting a proposal to present during this year’s TASH Conference in Atlanta, Ga. The call for proposals ends May 6 May 31, 2011, so send us your submission before it’s too late.

The presenters at the TASH Conference come from every corner of the disability community – they’re teachers and school administrators, family members and community organizers, service agency professionals, students and their professors, and self-advocates. They’re people with something to say, and they share their stories, their research and their ideas to help create opportunities, expand knowledge and inspire others.

Here’s what one presenter, Toby Bazan, a self-advocate from Canyon Country, Calif., had to say about presenting during the 2010 TASH Conference in Denver:

I presented at two Cal-TASH Conferences in California, but this was my first time on an airplane when I went to TASH in Denver. This was my first TASH Conference. I lived in a state hospital from when I was 15 until 2007, when I moved into my own apartment with supported living services.

I presented about how I was treated and locked up in the state hospital. They put me in five points a lot (restraints), and I got staff fired for physically abusing me and other clients. Now I am living in my own place and have lots of friends in the community, including Assemblyman Cameron Smyth and Chris Ward.

[Asked why he presented at the TASH Conference] This helps me to become more independent. I also go to talk about shutting down the institutions and group homes too! This is important to me because more people need to live in their own places and make their own rules like in supported living and independent living. Too much money from our taxes goes into the nursing homes too, so we need to help get people out of there and into their own places with support!

 Toby Bazan Presents at 2010 TASH Conference

For more than 35 years, the TASH Conference has brought together thousands of stakeholders to tackle the issues facing people with significant disabilities and to push for widespread and progressive systems change. Just like Toby, your ideas and creativity are what drive positive change and we want you to share them with others. Don’t miss your opportunity to present at TASH’s 36th Annual Conference, November 30-December 3, 2011!

We are seeking presentations in the following topic areas:

Inclusive Education

Community Living


Human Rights

Diversity & Cultural Competency

Cross-Topical Areas (including self-advocacy, youth leadership, family issues, sexuality, augmentative and alternative communication and other topics)


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Proposals are due by May 6 May 31, 2011, at 5 p.m. ET.

Contact (202) 540-9015 or with questions.