Featured Micro-Enterprise Marketplace Exhibitor: Just for You CardArt

Donna and Jenna
Jenna Quigley (left) and Donna Williams (right) the co-founders of Just for You CardArt

We’re proud to announce that the 2011 TASH Conference exhibit hall will feature our first ever Micro-Enterprise Marketplace! The Micro-Enterprise Marketplace will be a part of our traditional exhibit hall, with entrepreneurs with disabilities showcasing their products, services and companies throughout the conference. At TASH, we’re committed to supporting innovative employment practices that lead to economic self-sufficiency for people with disabilities.

Today, you’ll meet Donna Williams and Jenna Quigley, proprietors of Just for You Cardart, who will be exhibiting their card products at the 2011 TASH Conference. Or, if the conference can’t come soon enough, you can visit their website at www.justforyoucardart.com or their Facebook page.

What is your name and where are you from?

Donna: My name is Donna Williams and I live on a small farm in Starr, South Carolina.

Jenna: My name is Jenna Quigley and I live in Tucker, Georgia.

What does your business do?

Donna: My friend Jenna and I make cards to sell.  We have birthday cards, thank you cards and holiday cards.

Jenna: My business partner Donna and I make cards to sell.  We stamp and put them together, and we sell them at conferences and on our website.

Why is it important for you to be at the TASH Conference?

Donna: I want to be at the TASH program to learn how to help myself and to let attendees know that Jenna and I want to be self-sufficient.  Also, that we love to make cards and love to sell them so that others can enjoy receiving our cards.

Jenna: The TASH Conference is a great place for people like us who want to learn to stand up for our rights.  I want to sell cards at the conference so people can see we can do it.  I like to tell people about my business.  Sometimes it is hard to talk to people I don’t know, but Donna makes it easier for me.  We have a lot of fun making and selling cards.

What are your future goals?

Donna: I want to have a job, find a boyfriend and get married, like Liz, my sister.

Jenna: I love to sing and dance.  I want to live my dream.  I want to be a professional star on television, be famous and meet the Jonas Brothers.  I am Nick Jonas’ biggest fan.  Maybe my boyfriend can support me in this dream.  After I finish high school I still want to keep my card business with my best friend and business partner, Donna.

Are you interested in exhibiting at the 2011 TASH Conference? Click here to learn more about our exhibitor opportunities.

Jenna at Painted Fish
Jenna at the Painted Fish Artists' Studio and Gallery in Dunedin, Florida, where their merchandise is now for sale