Gail Fanjoy Doesn’t Let a Thing Like Rain put a Damper on her TASH Night Out

TASH Board Member Gail Fanjoy didn’t let the wind and rain put a damper on hosting a TASH Night Out! Instead, she used the opportunity to celebrate with a virtual lobster bake that brought in more than $1,000 in donations that will support the mission of TASH!

With plans to host a fundraising event at Twin Pines in Millinocket, Maine, Gail had to cancel the event due to the bad weather that was in store. Although Gail and her family and a few friends still made it to Twin Pines, she said the virtual event held clear advantages:

The temperatures were in the low 40s, the wind was howling and the rain was pounding. No mountain in sight. Not fit for man or beast outdoors.

But participants in this TASH Night Out still sent in their contributions and celebrated in spirit despite the harsh conditions. In total, the group raised $1,200! So what does Gail think about hosting a TASH Night Out again next year?

We learned a valuable lesson about off-site partying. We promised all of our invitees that we would “crack a claw” with them next summer in our backyard when the weather – even if stormy – would be warmer and the logistics would be manageable.

Gail shares the follow photos from her Twin Pines trip. Thank you, Gail, for all of your support and effort!!!