Hearings at Capitol Hill in September

A photograph of Dianne Feinstein and Tia Nelis. THey are in one of the hallways open to the court yard in the white marble Hart Senate Office Building. Tia is wearing her Guest badge.
Tia Nelis, TASH’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, was a special guest of Senator Dianne Feinstein at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing considering the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Hart Senate Office Building, September 4, 2018
A photograph of crowded meeting room with a group of presenters at the front. Mike Oxford addresses the crowd, gesturing with a yellow legal pad in his hand.
Mike Oxford of the Topeka Independent Living Resource Center addresses the Money Follows the Person briefing (HR 5306, EMPOWER Care Act) at the Rayburn House Office Building, September 6, 2018

You can listen to Liz Weintraub’s testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee concerning the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh here..