In memory of Victor Baldwin

Friends and colleagues celebrated the life of Victor “Vic” Baldwin on July 26, 2011 in Monmouth, Oregon.  It was a life  filled with vitality and tremendous relationships.  Many of us in TASH knew Vic as one of the founders of TASH beginning  in 1974.  Vic served on the first Executive Board of TASH and made numerous contributions.   He  was an exceptional leader in the field of severe disability and deaf-blindness.

In addition to having a great impact professionally, Vic was also a great  husband, father, grandfather, friend, and colleague and  a contributing member of his city and university community.   As a dear friend said of Vic, “Partner, he could work a room. Everyone knew when Vic was in the building!”  He was a vital force and he shall be missed by many.

– Kat Stremel Thomas