Join the APRAIS Pledge to End Restraint and Seclusion

The following is an important notice from the Alliance for the Prevention of Restraint, Aversive Interventions and Seclusion (APRAIS)

The APRAIS coalition is committed to ending abusive practices. Together, we have an opportunity to continue an effort to pass federal legislation to reduce and prevent restraint and seclusion use in schools. The practice of restraint and seclusion presents a serious health and safety risk to all students, and is most often used to control behavior of young students with severe disabilities. Yet, restraint and seclusion use has been curtailed by federal regulations and implementation of best practices for other ages and populations.

Protections for students are long overdue. Each day we delay, school children are traumatized, injured and killed. Please help APRAIS by making a contribution to a fund that will support advocacy for federal legislation.

Click here to make your donation, and thank you for your support.