Join Us in Celebrating a Leader in Disability Law

Join TASH in celebrating a lawyer who has created change for the lives of people with disabilities. For nearly four decades, Sue Jamieson, has focused on the rights of people in institutions. This interest began with her concern that this population was isolated, not only from society in general, but from legal advocacy in particular. Sue has dedicated her career to protecting basic legal rights of people with disabilities and finding ways to expand legal and advocacy resources to protect and enforce their rights.

Photo of Sue Jamieson and Lois CurtisOn July 19, 2018, TASH will honor Sue for her work as lead council in the Olmstead litigation. Sue fought for the rights of two women in a Georgia state institution. In 1999, the United States Supreme Court ruled in that case that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public entities to place persons with disabilities who are in institutions in more integrated, community-based settings, if their clinicians agree and this is their choice. The Olmstead decision has positively impacted the lives of hundreds and thousands of individuals with significant and complex disabilities.

Join TASH in celebrating Sue’s work, the Olmstead decision, and the progress we’ve made as a community since. TASH will hosts its second annual Outstanding Leadership in Disability Law Symposium and Award Dinner on Thursday, July 19 at the George Washington University Marvin Center in Washington, DC. Learn more and register at