LIFEDesigns, Inc. Seeks CEO in Bloomington, Indiana

.@LIFEDesigns_Inc seeks CEO in Bloomington, INClick To TweetJob Title: Chief Executive Officer
Location: Administrative Office
Employee Type: Fulltime
Reports to: Board of Directors
All Agency Staff
FLSA Status:
Pay Grade:
Prepared by:
F Roedl, Board President
Approved by:
LifeDesigns Board

Position overview: The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for managing all legal, financial and business matters for LifeDesigns, Inc. The position oversees all programs of the agency and provides direction to all staff to fulfill LIFEdesign’s mission: LIFEdesigns partners with people of all ages and abilities to lead meaningful and active lives.

Qualifications: The Chief Executive Officer shall meet the following criteria

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid driver’s license, acceptable driving history, and proof of auto insurance
  • Have documentation of freedom from communicable diseases
  • Have acceptable criminal history check
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree in Business or NonProfit Administration; Masters preferred
  • Have five years’ supervisory experience
  • Have three years’ experience in high level administration of a human service agency
  • Have the ability to read and interpret documents, to write specific reports and correspondence, to apply mathematical concepts to practical situations, to solve complex problems, and to interpret written and verbal instructions
  • Have a demonstrated ability in management, development, and program coordination activities
  • Be able to work independently
  • Possess excellent leadership and interpersonal communications skills
  • Have an ability to maintain a regular and predictable schedule during published business hours and arrive on time
  • Demonstrate a sense of humor and adventure
  • Possess excellent team building skills

Essential functions and responsibilities: The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for overall agency operations as outlined below. All responsibilities are to be carried out following all policies and procedures of LifeDesigns, Inc. and all regulations related to the care of customers who are receiving services.

Safety: Security, Environment, Health

  • Assuring the agency’s policies and practices adhere to state and federal requirements
  • Assisting the Board and staff to stay abreast of state and federal policies
  • Assuring the safety and welfare of both customers and staff

Service Planning: Choice, Active treatment, Community resources

  • Developing staffing to ensure customers have choice, active treatment and access to the community
  • Developing and evaluating services for people LIFEDesigns serves
  • Serve as main contact with community agencies

Dignity and Respect: Rights, Due Process

  • Maintain confidentiality of all personal information of both employees and individuals being supported
  • Know and respect the rights of the customers
  • Advocate for the fair treatment of people with disabilities
  • Treat all customers and staff with courtesy and respect
  • Investigating any and all customer complaints per agency policies
  • Work with state and local enforcement authorities as needed

Social Inclusion: Relationships, Participation

  • Ensure that social role valorization principles are present in all LIFEDesign’s practices
  • Promote opportunities for customers in the community that lead to active citizenship, rewarding employment and fulfilling relationships
  • Promote community inclusion for people with disabilities

Customer Service and Excellence

  • Report major issues and concerns related to staff or customer satisfaction to Board
  • Set targets for personal improvement based on a regular assessment of performance from supervisor, customers, and all staff.

Customer focus

  • Monitor and continuously improve quality of LIFEDesigns’ policies and practices
  • Maintain LIFEdesign’s property adequately and appropriately
  • Orient new staff to the core values of LifeDesigns
  • Network with the community and other professionals to find better ways to include our customers in everyday life

Professional conduct

  • Set an example, by providing excellent written work and oral communication
  • Submit required documentation in a timely manner
  • Seek opportunities for personal education and skill development
  • Promote the development of self-directed teams across the agency
  • Support the development of LIFEDesigns’ staff through training and mentoring activities
  • Establish annual plans for the agency and designate persons responsible for implementation and timelines
  • Report on progress toward agency goals monthly
  • Oversee hiring and firing process and ensure all are done within agency policies
  • Establish compensation and benefit plan and review annually
  • Participate in and document at least 24 of ongoing training each year
  • Meet LIFEDesigns annual requirements for direct support professionals
  • Provide clear and accurate records and documentation
  • Maintain clear and accurate Board minutes and records
  • Act as staff to assigned Board committees

Community Involvement

  • Participate in a variety of community organizations and support customers to do likewise
  • Promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in community organizations
  • Serve as a resource on disability issues to the communities LIFEDesigns serves


  • Share information and ideas with everyone at all levels
  • Seek out new and better ways to provide services and inform staff of these practices
  • Treat each customer and staff member with respect
  • Participate in all Team and Agency Meetings and Events and arrive on time
  • Provide leadership to ensure that the workplace is a positive and productive environment


  • Establish, monitor monthly and maintain an annual budget for the agency
  • Establish financial policies, comply with policies, and review them annually
  • Ensure all staff make effective use of agency resources: time, money, and facilities


  • Ensure all staff meet all agency requirements for training and health and safety
  • Comply with all human resource policies and practices
  • Oversee employee development plans for all staff
  • Work with teams and staff to make hiring and firing decisions


  • Serve as Compliance Officer for LifeDesigns per policies and plans

Other Duties: The Chief Executive Officer is expected to know and follow LIFEDesigns Goals and Objectives and our core values listed below:

  • Customer Focus – Everything we do considers the best interests of our customers. Each employee is to provide services and support to our customers in a manner that always puts the customer’s needs and interests first.
  • Professional Conduct – We strive to look and behave professionally in everything we do.- Each employee is expected to present him or herself professionally and appropriately at all times and are held accountable to ourselves and those we serve.
  • Community Orientation – We involve ourselves in the community to give back and learn how to support our customers better. – Employees are encouraged to be involved in the community and support events that assist not only our customers and employees, but the community as well.
  • Consideration – We treat each other, our customers, their families, and the community with respect.-Each employee of LIFEDesigns will conduct their job duties in a manner that will provide services that enhance individuals’ personal dignity, promote development of their capabilities, and enable individuals with disabilities to participate fully in their community.

All employees are expected to conduct themselves in all they do with these values in mind.

Results of Actions:Appropriate conduct in the Chief Executive Officer position could lead to increased positive outcomes for the organization and its customers, compliance to regulations, and a positive work environment. Failure to appropriately conduct the duties of the position could lead to poor reputation for the agency, negative outcomes for the agency and the individuals it serves, staff being misinformed, and the customers we serve being placed in jeopardy.

To Apply: A resume with chronological work and compensation history is required.  E-mail word document only to Jan Frazier at