Mobility International USA Selects TASH for ‘Empower Partnerships’ Program

We are pleased to announce that Mobility International USA (MIUSA) has chosen TASH as a U.S. based partner for the Empower Partnerships for Inclusive Communities (Empower Partnerships) program. Over the next 10 months, TASH will work closely with two organizations from Mongolia to build a sustainable and collaborative relationship with the potential to last beyond the length of the Empower Partnerships program itself. 

TASH will send Rima Hatoum, International Committee Chair, as our representative to participate in an exchange visit of approximately 10 days in Mongolia.  And, with guidance from MIUSA, TASH will host two representatives from the Mongolian partner organization, for an exchange visit of 10 days.

This program will give our Mongolian Partner and TASH the opportunity to exchange experiences, share learning, strengthen relationships, and plan collaborative projects. Travel costs for the project (i.e. airfare, meals, lodging, and ground travel) will be paid by the Empower Partnerships program.

We look forward to sending you updates about this wonderful project!