White House Holds Call on Disability Issues (Open to Public)

The White House is hosting a series of monthly teleconferences that are open to the public. All TASH members are encouraged to phone-in and listen to featured speakers from the federal government as they discuss disability policy and the administration’s agenda. At the end of the call, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions… read more

What Can You Do in Just Four Days?

What can you do in just four days? Can wrongs be righted? Can perceptions be changed? Can you rethink systems, practices and policies that have been in places for generations? Sometimes the path ahead seems so daunting that it’s difficult to imagine what difference can be made or where to start. That didn’t stop the… read more

TASH Chapters Unite at the 2010 TASH Conference

Representatives from TASH Chapters across the nation gathered this week for their annual Chapter Leadership workshop, the only time each year when these dedicated leaders on the frontlines of TASH’s grassroots network are able to meet and plan together in person. The workshop was a chance to reflect on a year of challenges and successes,… read more

What’s Happening in Washington?

2010 has been a stellar year for TASH’s federal government affairs program.  We’ve made tremendous milestones in advancing comprehensive public policy recommendations to promote safe, inclusive education and integrated employment for citizens with the most significant disabilities. During the 2010 TASH Conference here in Denver, we discussed policy efforts from the past year and looked… read more

Restraint & Seclusion Among Issues Tackled during TASH TECH Workshops

TASH opened the conference halls on Wednesday for those interested in a series of interactive workshops known as TASH TECHs. Each workshop is led by a leader in their respective field. Yesterday’s TECHs included one full-day workshop titled “Keeping All Students Safe: what H.R. 4247 means for you.” This eight-hour TASH TECH covered the great… read more

Thought Leaders Meet to Explore Education Reform

TASH continues to be the prominent national voice pushing for the full inclusion of  students with disabilities in education – in fact, not only is this one of the five core areas of the TASH National Agenda, but it’s also a central focus throughout the 2010 TASH Conference here in Denver. In addition to the… read more

Wednesday at the TASH Conference

From beginning to end, Wednesday at the TASH Conference was anything but dull. I’ll first say – again – that this conference wouldn’t be possible without the extraordinary support we receive from volunteers. These dedicated and hardworking folks have worked all day to ensure attendees have a smooth and welcoming registration, they stand wait in… read more

TASH Conference: Ready to Go!

It’s been an exciting couple days here at the Sheraton Downtown Denver. TASH staff and a number of generous volunteers have spent the better part of two days setting up the conference floor and meeting rooms – we’re ready to go!   A lot of old friends have stopped by already to say hello, including… read more