Norwalk Public Schools Seeks Chief of Pupil Services

On behalf of Norwalk Public Schools, the State Education Resource Center (SERC) is conducting a national level search for a full-time (12-month) position as the Chief of Pupil Services at Norwalk Public Schools. The ideal candidate will possess a plethora of experience working in a public school district, an administrative position and in special education or a related position. The highly qualified candidate can demonstrate:

  • Excellent leadership skills;
  • Successful engagement with boards of education, administrators, staff, families, and the community;
  • Effective strategic planning for improving and maintaining high academic performance and creating academic equity for students with disabilities; and
  • Development and implementation of systemic policies, practices, and structures to provide high quality supports and services for special education and related services.

All qualified applicants, including candidates of color, culturally, and linguistically diverse backgrounds and candidates with disabilities, are encouraged to apply. Application review will begin on or about November 6, 2015; however, this position will remain open until filled.

General Summary

The Chief of Pupil Services will provide leadership and oversight for special education and pupil personnel services throughout the district. Additionally, he or she will support policy development designed to provide consistency and compliance with all programs, services, resource distribution, processing and the assignment of special education and related services staff.

Reports To
Superintendent of Norwalk Public Schools

Directly Supervises and Evaluates

  • District level special education staff: Special Education Supervisors and Coordinators
  • School Health Services, through Director of Nursing
  • Inclusive Pre School Center, through Head Teacher
  • Gifted Education

Collaboratively Supervises and Evaluates

  • Other administrators in the supervision of personnel related to special education and related services

Essential Job Functions
Applicants must have the ability to:

  • Effectively lead the public school district, families, and the community in improving educational outcomes for students with disabilities;
  • Oversee the systemic implementation of policies and procedures for special education and pupil personnel supports and services, including the implementation of regulatory compliance measures;
  • Manage the overall resources and budget analysis/oversight responsibilities for implementation of supports and services for students with disabilities; and
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with racially and culturally diverse community members, agencies, organizations, institutions, families, and educators to provide a cohesive and comprehensive system of support for students with disabilities.

Duties and Responsibilities
The Chief of Pupil Services is able to:

  • Develop, manage, evaluate, and improve the systemic implementation of policies and procedures regarding special education and related services;
  • Ensure regulatory compliance related to disability and special education laws and regulations;
  • Support administrators and staff in the implementation of supports and services for students, including special education, related services, and the gifted and talented;
  • Review, analyze and evaluate existing programs, including student performance data, to lead strategic planning and implementation designed to achieve greater student success;
  • Oversee the maintenance of student records in accordance with federal, state, and local requirements to include the continuum of settings and an array of tiered instructional services;
  • Provide direction for child find, intervention supports, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and the 504 process;
  • Develop and lead the strategic planning for improved academic and life outcomes for students with disabilities;
  • Develop, support, and manage, in collaboration with the Superintendent, other administrators, and the Norwalk Board of Education the annual budgeting and planning process for special education and related services;
  • Manage the development and implementation of standard operating procedures and guidelines for practice;
  • Manage data collection, analysis, and utilization of special education and student services;
  • Cultivate effective partnerships with racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse families and educators; and
  • Develop and provide professional development for special education teachers, Central Office staff and, in some case, parents.

Education and Experience

  • Advanced graduate degree in special education or related services and educational leadership is required, a doctorate is preferred;
  • Certification as an Administrator or Supervisor, Provisional or Professional Certification is preferred;
  • Certification in special education or related services;
  • At least five (5) years of building level and/or central office administrative experience, to include direct staff supervision and program evaluation experience; and
  • At least ten (10) years of classroom experience in special education or related services.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

  • State and federal laws, statutes, and regulations pertaining to education overall education broad, special education, and pupil personnel services;
  • Staff evaluation and union contracts;
  • Strategic planning, policy development, and systems change;
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), IEPs, 504 processes, and compliance measures;
  • Effective collaboration with a Board of Education;
  • Effective school, family, community partnerships; and
  • Equitable mindset and practices, including race, English learners, and differences in abilities.

Skill in:

  • Administrating, organizing and managing systems for delivery of supports and services for students with disabilities;
  • Effective oral and written communication;
  • Developing and implementing strategic planning, policies, and practices for improved student outcomes; and
  • Partnering with diverse families, community members, and educators.

Ability to:

  • Work with and engage educators, community members, and families from culturally and racially diverse backgrounds;
  • Collaboratively lead and engage educators and families toward building consensus while being decisive and inclusive;
  • Foster a positive professional climate of mutual trust and respect among families, educators, and the community;
  • Place the interests of students and their families first and foremost;
  • Build passion about improvement for student learning performance; and
  • Recognize the value in providing professional learning opportunities to advance educators’ instructional preparedness for working with all students.

Term of Employment
Twelve-month year.

Performance to be evaluated by the Superintendent based on established actionable goals and outlined criteria.

$162,066 to $175,000
*Salary set annually pending Board approval

A thorough, updated resume and at least three current professional references must be submitted with the application package in order to be considered. Apply online at: (select “Employment” under the “About ” tab).
Norwalk is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and strongly encourages the application of individuals from racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse backgrounds and from persons with disabilities.