People First of Nevada Take Action on “Scream Rooms”

The self-advocacy group People First of Nevada rallied in response to reports from children with disabilities and their parents in Washoe County School District about the use of “scream rooms” – rooms used to isolate or seclude children, in which they are left alone and prevented from leaving.

Reports alleged the use of scream rooms in several elementary schools, despite the use of such practices being prohibited in Nevada. People First wanted to determine precicely where these rooms were and what they looked like. And on Tuesday, July 23, they shared their report (view it here) with the Washoe District Board of Education. Several news outlets have since covered this story. Brianna Hammon, one of the people whose story is featured in ‘Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories,’ testified to the board. It’s a great example of advocates working at the local level toward a safer school climate for everyone!