Restraint and Seclusion in Louisiana Schools

The Advocacy Center is interested in information on the use of restraint or seclusion in Louisiana schools. They suspect numerous students with disabilities across Louisiana are being subjected to some form of restraint or seclusion to deal with non-compliant behavior, though they have not received complaints about this issue. Here are some examples of what may constitute restraint or seclusion:

– Students left alone in locked rooms, “time out rooms,” or secluded areas;

– Students tied to wheelchairs or chairs;

– The use of tape, tie-downs, ropes, “calming blankets,” or weights, or

– The use of “holds” or “physical intervention” of any kind by teachers or other staff.

The improper use of restraint and seclusion could be a violation of your child’s rights as a student with a disability. If you or someone you know has a child with a disability who has been subjected to restraint or seclusion, please contact 1-800-960-7705. You can also e-mail at