Just Released! Special Edition TASH Connections Issue on Self Advocacy

The cover of TASH Connections, volume 45, number 1, dedicated to Self Advocacy. The table of contents and a collage of portraits of self-advocates.This special edition of Connections features the voices of a self-advocacy movement that contributed to over three decades of social change. The lead article shares the history about how a small group of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities based in Oregon laid a foundation for self-advocacy groups across the country to build upon. Other articles feature the voices of early leaders as well as present day self-advocates. Their messages are clear and straightforward; Nothing About Us Without Us.

As a leader in disability advocacy for 45 years, the mission of TASH is to promote the full inclusion and participation of children and adults with significant disabilities in every aspect of their community, and to eliminate the social injustices that diminish human rights. These things are accomplished through collaboration among self-advocates, families, professionals, policy-makers, advocates and many others who seek to promote equity, opportunity and inclusion. A critically important step in this process is amplifying the voices in our communities to reach others who need to hear it.

Self-advocacy is at the root of many victories in disability rights. Countless self-advocates have used their voices to further the rights of people with disabilities, creating a better and more inclusive future for everyone. This issue of Connections focuses on the self-advocacy movement of the past, present, and future. In their own words, self-advocates discuss their impact and contributions to the self-advocacy movement.

The articles and stories in this issue represent a broad array of self-advocates who have worked or are working to further the rights of people with disabilities across the country and the world.

In this issue of TASH Connections, you can read and learn from many voices from the self-advocacy community.

Click here to view Volume 45, Issue 1 of TASH Connections. Or click here to access it as a Word document.