Speechless Premiers Wednesday

Author: Ruthie-Marie Beckwith, TASH Executive Director

When I first saw the trailer for Speechless, the new ABC sitcom that premiers this Wednesday at 8:30 P.M. Eastern, I was truly amazed. It had something for everyone who has been involved with people with disabilities from beginning to end. (No spoilers here :-)). It has great stars with Minnie Driver as the mom who acts like she has been at every TASH conference since the beginning. She has radiates TASH values as she relentlessly pursues the perfect situation for her son, a teenager who uses a communication board. In doing so, her husband, daughter, and other son are impacted in ways to which TASH members can relate all too well.

Family, siblings, disability, inclusion, and Speech for ALL — this show has the promise of being a made-to-order TASH weekly popcorn experience. You can check out the trailer and other goodies here. Tune in Wednesday and join us for a twitter chat during the show using the hashtag #Speechless. I only have one more day to wait until I get to see the entire pilot. Speech for ALL one episode at a time. Priceless!