SWIFT Center Report: Six Schools Named Knowledge Development Center sites

TASH congratulates the six schools named as Knowledge Development Center sites in the SWIFT Center.  These six schools—chosen from 35 nominated schools—will serve as models of best practice in inclusive school-wide transformation and become part of the SWIFT Center.  Read the announcement from the University of Kansas for more information.  TASH is a partner with the SWIFT Center and co-leader of the Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Team with the Institute for Educational Leadership.  Stay tuned for more announcements on the progress of the SWIFT Center.

This is part of an ongoing series on the TASH blog to keep you updated on TASH’s role in the SWIFT Center (School Wide Integrated Framework for Transformation). The SWIFT Center is a national technical assistance center funded by the Office of Special Education Programs to implement a model for educating general and special education students together to improve schoolwide academic outcomes. The following update is provided by TASH Education Policy Director Jenny Stonemeier.

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