SWIFT Center Technical Assistance Delivery

The SWIFT Center – the national technical assistance center that provides academic and behavioral support to promote the needs of all students, including those with disabilities and the most extensive needs – is in year two of the work. The SWIFT Center has partnered with five states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maryland, Oregon and Mississippi) to provide intensive technical assistance as these states implement the SWIFT model in 67 schools districts. TASH is a partner with SWIFT to provide technical assistance as these states, districts and schools align their policies and practices to support SWIFT implementation.

Staff with the SWIFT Center have completed the baseline data collection process. The SWIFT-FIT is the fidelity implementation tool used by SWIFT technical assistance providers to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths of the schools we work in. This tool is used to help guide our technical assistance. With the information gathered from the first assessment, SWIFT TA providers will partner with SWIFT Schools and Districts to discuss their strengths and identify initial steps for action planning. The SWIFT Center is committed to a strengths-based approach in all of the technical assistance delivery, as well as building authentic partnerships with all partners involved.

In leading the SWIFT Policy Team, TASH has been focused on analyzing the current state level policies that affect each of the SWIFT states. This information provides important context for all of the technical assistance delivery because it lays the ground work for policy alignment. SWIFT holds that policy alignment is a key determinant in the ongoing sustainability of a large-scale reform initiative. From this place of knowledge, TASH and SWIFT will be equipped to provide meaningful and productive TA to support policy change in the SWIFT states.

Stay connected with the SWIFT Center: look for monthly updates in TASH In Action and on the TASH website.