SWIFT Delivers on Equity

Since October 2012, TASH has proudly partnered with the SWIFT Center, a national technical assistance center that supports academic and behavioral outcomes of all students, serving as the basis of its education policy team. In November of 2013, the SWIFT Center published an issue brief titled, “Delivering on Equity: Implications for Decision-makers.” The issue brief focuses on the benefits of integrated classrooms in our nation’s schools. Not only have researchers found advantages of inclusive education for children with disabilities, but they have also found advantages for children without disabilities. The SWIFT framework moves schools toward operating as a fully integrated organization that discourages the formulation of silos and facilitates collaborative teaching at all grades and levels of intervention. To find out more on how the SWIFT Center plans to deliver equity in our nation’s schools, read the full issue brief here: link.

TASH, in conjunction with the SWIFT Center, asks that you share this issue brief with your network of friends, family, and colleagues. Help support the SWIFT Center’s mission to transform education in order to benefit each and every student, their family, and the communities in which they reside. Click here to read and share the issue brief.