Why Restraint Prevention is the Priority

A tight-in black-and-white portrait of Barb Trader. She has piercing eyes and an enigmatic half-smile. Her hair is angled off her forehead and she is wearing a dark, open- collared shirt.

Barb Trader, TASH ED, was a featured speaker at the Crisis Prevention Institute’s (CPI) launch of their North America Restraint Reduction Network. Barb serves a dual role with TASH and as the Convener of APRAIS, the Alliance for the Prevention of Restraint, Aversive Interventions and Seclusion which TASH launched in 2004. She focused her remarks on… read more

Parent to Parent USA becomes latest member of APRAIS

We’re excited that Parent to Parent USA has become the most recent addition to the APRAIS network of advocates! Parent to Parent has provided support to families of children with disabilities for more than 36 years. They match those seeking information and support with experienced, trained parents who can offer their time and guidance.… read more