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COVID-19: Keeping People with Disabilities Safe

The medical caduceus symbol with the snakes coiled around a staff in a blue slash over a pale, faded rendering of the coronavirus, a lumpy sphere covered with receptors.

In this unprecedented time of COVID-19, people with disabilities are at heightened risk, more vulnerable than ever. Is there anything you can do to help someone with a disability prepare for an unexpected hospitalization? In the best of times, if someone is sick and needs hospitalization, we have certain expectations about how to prepare and… read more

Don’t Judge This Book by Its Cover

Headshot od Matthew Lager

Guest Author: Matthew Lager Have you ever been to a book store and noticed the same book can have multiple different cover designs? My favorite book, The Poetry of Robert Frost is one such example. One cover shows a black and white photo of Mr. Frost looking pensive. Another is bland—no photos just the title… read more

Communication for All at the 2017 TASH Conference!

Communication for All campaign logo

Communication Access was certainly a hot topic at the 2017 TASH Conference in Atlanta! TASH’s Communications Working Group kicked off the conversation with a Wednesday Workshop focused on how to move TASH’s Communication for All campaign forward in 2018. The panel, comprised of AAC users, researchers, and advocates, examined some of the myths and definitions of… read more

Introducing TASH’s Speech for ALL Campaign

In the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States affirms that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech. This freedom of speech is something that Americans have long cherished as a cornerstone of our civil society. It is clearly something that no citizen in our democracy… read more