The Individualized Education Program as a Living Document

The TASH Amplified logo: a line illustration of a desktop microphone with the TASH Möbius strip inlayed. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 30:25 — 55.7MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS Season 2, Episode 2 — 7 August 2017 About this episode In preparation for the return to school, the theme of the current issue of our membership magazine is “The Individualized Education Program as a living document”. We talk with… read more

TASH Connections: Call for Proposals

Special Issue: Perspectives on Post-Secondary Education: Voices of Self-Advocates & Students with Disabilities TASH Connections is an online magazine written exclusively for, and by, TASH members. Each issue contains provocative articles on breakthroughs in the disability field, and challenges readers to rethink some of the toughest issues affecting people with disabilities, their families and advocates.… read more

Just Released! TASH Connections Issue on The SWIFT Center

Guest Author: Mary Schuh When SWIFT Center was asked to contribute to a TASH Connections issue on inclusive education, we proudly viewed this as an opportunity to connect with and reinforce the efforts of the international community of families, professionals, educators, researchers, and policy makers who have been leading the way to achieve social justice… read more

Employment Matters: Spurring Change to Make Sure Tennessee Works

Guest author of the recently published TASH Connections, Erik Carter, describes the importance of efforts being taken to transform the employment landscape.  Connections Volume 40 Issue 1 (viewable by TASH members only) addresses the importance of these efforts as well as ways to create change. Now is the time to dramatically transform the employment landscape for youth… read more

New TASH Connections Available

The latest edition of TASH Connections is now available online! This issue focuses on Self-Advocacy and Social Justice: Ensuring Opportunities to Make Choices and Control Services and Supports. It features well-known authors, including Lou Brown, Gregg Knollman, Christine Ashby, Meghan Cosier, Tom Nerny and Lydia Brown. It also includes a special feature remembering June Downing,… read more