Teaching Math to Students with Disabilities: What We’ve Learned in 10 Years

The TASH Amplified logo: a line illustration of a desktop microphone with the TASH Möbius strip inlayed Play in new window | Download (Duration: 17:48 — 24.4MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS Season 1, Episode 2 — 12 February 2016 About this episode In the last 40 years we’ve learned a tremendous amount about teaching mathematics to students with disabilities, but some thinking has changed lately owing to new studies. Jenny Root… read more

H.R. 5 Update | We Need Your Help Today!

  UPDATE: On July 9, 2015, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5. TAKE ACTION: With the passage of H.R. 5, your action is more critical now than ever. Call your Senator TODAY and tell them that Every Child Achieves Act of 2015 (ECAA – S. 1177) betrays the Elementary and Secondary Education Act’s (ESEA) rich… read more

Take Action! ESEA is Critical for Our Children

Background: Why ESEA is Critical The nation’s most important education law for our country’s children – the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) – has historically provided critical civil rights protections for underserved students through a strong federal role in education and other key principles.  TASH has been at the table since the beginning and has been engaged… read more

Just Released! TASH Connections Issue on The SWIFT Center

Guest Author: Mary Schuh When SWIFT Center was asked to contribute to a TASH Connections issue on inclusive education, we proudly viewed this as an opportunity to connect with and reinforce the efforts of the international community of families, professionals, educators, researchers, and policy makers who have been leading the way to achieve social justice… read more

Targeted Action Alert on ESEA | Oppose Grade-Span Testing Amendment

SUMMARY: During the House consideration of HR 5, the following bipartisan Representatives proposed an amendment that will replace annual tests with grade-span testing: Gibson (NY), Sinema (AZ), Katko (NY), McKinley (WV), Takano (CA), Young, Don (AK), Collins, Chris (NY), Schock (IL), Ashford (NE), Davis, Rodney (IL) The Amendment “replaces current federal yearly testing requirements for math and… read more

Teachers caught on tape bullying student with disability (video)

The following is a disturbing account of abuse from an Ohio school. As reported on the Today Show on NBC, Cheyanne, a 14-year-old student with a disability, told her father she was being bullied at school. Her father was shocked to learn it was Cheyanne's teachers doing the bullying. After notifying school administrators and being… read more