Targeted Action Alert on ESEA | Oppose Grade-Span Testing Amendment


During the House consideration of HR 5, the following bipartisan Representatives proposed an amendment that will replace annual tests with grade-span testing:

Gibson (NY), Sinema (AZ), Katko (NY), McKinley (WV), Takano (CA), Young, Don (AK), Collins, Chris (NY), Schock (IL), Ashford (NE), Davis, Rodney (IL)

The Amendment “replaces current federal yearly testing requirements for math and language arts/reading with the exact same grade-span testing requirements that are in current law for science.” Grade-span testing withholds information from parents.  Without the tests, parents will not know how their children are performing in school.

Grade-span testing does NOT:

  • Allow for measuring growth,
  • Provide transparency that’s needed to hold schools accountable,
  • Provide teachers and administrators with the information they need to make decisions about student progress,
  • Provide fast change, due to lag time in results.

Please call your Representative listed above TODAY 202-224-3121 and urge them to withdraw Amendment #112

Read the full action alert here.
Read the HR 5 letter of opposition here.