TASH Chapters Unite at the 2010 TASH Conference

Representatives from TASH Chapters across the nation gathered this week for their annual Chapter Leadership workshop, the only time each year when these dedicated leaders on the frontlines of TASH’s grassroots network are able to meet and plan together in person. The workshop was a chance to reflect on a year of challenges and successes, build camaraderie and rejuvenate for an upcoming year of strong advocacy and leadership.

Chapter representatives devoted a portion of the workshop to discussing TASH’s 35-year history and the numerous advances that have been attained throughout those years as a result of a well-organized grassroots advocacy base. Of particular note, chapter representatives at the workshop had a cumulative total of 196.5 years of TASH experience!

The remainder of the workshop focused on developing new headlines for TASH and steps towards reaching these in the immediate and long-term future. While it’s certain that TASH Chapters are going to make leaps and bounds in the upcoming year and forward, they are always looking for more advocates! If you’re looking to connect with your TASH Chapter, or if you’d like to start a chapter in your state, send an e-mail to Haley Kimmet at hkimmet@tash.org.