TASH Conference: Ready to Go!

It’s been an exciting couple days here at the Sheraton Downtown Denver. TASH staff and a number of generous volunteers have spent the better part of two days setting up the conference floor and meeting rooms – we’re ready to go!

 Photo: Registration desk is up and running at the TASH Conference

Photo: General Session Ballroom at TASH Conference

Photo: Mary Staley Taking Registrations with a Smile

A lot of old friends have stopped by already to say hello, including Bob Williams, Barbara Coppens, Susie Schaefer, Susan Yuan, Ginger Quan, Leslie Lederer and Marilyn Skogen. It’s great to see folks who have been a part of TASH for years and coming to the TASH Conference. But it’s also been really energizing to see all the fresh faces. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone over the next few days.

Tuesday also included a Board of Directors meeting, which was an opportunity to examine all TASH has done in 2010 and what our focus should be in 2011. An emphasis was placed on the five core areas of the National Agenda: Inclusive Education, Community Living, Employment, Human Rights and Diversity & Cultural Competency. We’ll be exploring each of these areas throughout the conference in great detail.

That brings us to Wednesday morning. Registration opened here at 7:15 a.m. MT with the help of our volunteers. This is such a positive environment already … even if some of us could use a cup of coffee! 

Here’s a look ahead at today’s agenda, which we’ll post about later:

TASH TECH Workshop: Recognizing Yourself the Eyes of the Client: A Two-Way Street – Self-Reflection and Cultural Reciprocity

TASH TECH Workshop: Curriculum Supports in Secondary Schools: Getting to the “What” of School

Chapter Leadership Workshop

Employment Committee Meeting

New Member/Newcomer Orientation

Welcome Reception

TASH Night Out Welcome Dinner

Stay Tuned!